The 3 strands of mindfulness

1. Be mindful of your feelings

It all starts here. Being mindful needs to begin with an awareness of your emotions, an understanding of what makes you smile, what frustrates you, what inspires you and what makes you mad.

This is something most of us will probably be doing all our lives. We are always changing, and each experience and relationship in life serves to evolve us. So being mindful of our feelings means being mindful of those changes, too.

Having such an awareness of your self will help you to make positive choices, be certain in your decisions and more content with daily activities and interactions.

So you master your own emotional intelligence, and then….

2. Be mindful of those around you

Strand 2 focuses on the people you surround yourself with. Some of the people we see regularly are there by choice, others are not necessarily the people we chose. Regardless of that, being mindful of them includes being a good listener, not judging others’ behaviour and endeavouring to be a more open-minded and understanding individual.

We are all so so different, and not one of us has the right to look down on another just because their interests and outlooks are different from our own.

When we can be mindful of our self, and of those around us – the final strand is to…

3. Be mindful of your surroundingsΒ 

Your surroundings include your home, your journey to work, your neighbourhood, your office, your street, your town, your favourite spots to eat or relax… Being mindful of these places means looking at them in a positive light. You might not live on the most scenic street, work in the coolest office or have the most relaxing morning journey.

But looking at each external location of your day as something which adds to the day will help. Suggestions for this might be putting up happy photos in your living room, taking an alternative route to work, and generally visiting new places every so often.

Routine is inevitable and we can grow quickly bored with seeing the same things and going the same places every day. Balance breaking up routine with making the routine parts more beautiful.

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