Poem: Positive and Present

Written on Tuesday 11th August 2015 

Don’t mistake me, the past is great.

I can sit for hours at a time

drawing all the memories from my mind;

good and bad,

but all making me nostalgic or sad,

even if they were happy

when they happened.

And don’t get it twisted, the future is exciting.

I can dream for days about what’ll come of me,

where I’ll go, what I’ll do, who I’ll be.

Exciting to imagine

but also scary as hell,

and I wonder why I bother

when things are going so well.

Right now, that’s where my head should stay.

I must channel my thoughts simply into this day.

Where memories will be made for me to think back upon

and a fragment of the future might become more clear.

But for me to be happy my mind’s got to be right here.


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