Gaining some perspective when you’re having a tough day

Ever feel like you’ve got too much going on, too many thoughts swimming around your head, too much weight on your shoulders? 

It’s very easy to work ourselves into a spiral of despair, and when you’re looking at things from a despairing angle, it’s outright impossible to have any perspective. Because all you see is that endless frustration and worry and anger.

But before things spiral out of control, here’s some things you can do to gain a little distance from your worries:

  1. Accept that you are in a bad place, and are feeling anxious/stressed/bitter/sad. You can’t help yourself if you’re still in denial.
  2. Understand why you’re feeling that way. You can try writing a list of all the things (and I mean all the things) that are currently getting you down. Or try just standing in front of a mirror and saying all the reasons out loud. You’ll find that a lot of things interlink, and a lot of your stresses come from other sources than those you imagined.
  3. Face up to the tricky parts. If your list of reasons shows that there’s a particular person or activity that’s getting you down, write or record exactly why they or that frustrates you. Pinpointing your anixieties is necessary, no matter how stupid they seem – this is just for you!
  4. Plan how you’ll tackle the stresses head-on. An action plan for how you’ll meet those deadlines, or confront that friend, or organise those events, will go a long way. And help you realise that you are capable of all this, after all! 
  5. Relax. Now you know what you need to do, the plans can be put into action tomorrow. You’ve just pulled yourself out of a spiral – you deserve a break. And things always feel better in the morning. 

Hope this helps the next time you feel that spiral coming your way!

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