Poem: Just go out and shine

So much positive energy is around us and such small sights or thoughts or conversations can set our mind racing, our hearts beating faster or our inspiration glowing.

Take the time to enjoy the small moments of pleasure you have, and tiny snippets of beauty around you, even in your day to day routine. It’s the little things in life that make us happier in the long run. Take the time to cultivate your mind and nurture it with things you love and things that interest or challenge you.

Look around at the magic that surrounds you.

You can be electric, ecclectically yourself,
buzzing with motivation and conversation
so that every inch of your body tingles
and burns with excited fire
and lights up as you are inspired.

You can be switched on, glowing, absorbing all you see
around you, un-ending, spending each last watt of power
on enhancing your brightness.
You can shine, brighter than you ever did before,
making your mark so they still see you when they close their eyes. Asking the whys
until you know them yourself.

You can illuminate,
not only your mind, but the souls around you –
sharing happiness and love
and smiles and glimmers of hope.
You can create your own technicolour world of beauty.

Just go out and shine.

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